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Flight Safety Improves When Failures Are Absent

The title of this article sounds rather obvious to most readers, especially when thinking about faults that are significant enough to ground an aircraft. However, even relatively minor faults can influence flight safety.

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Prognosis vs Diagnosis – What’s the Difference?

The terms prognosis and diagnosis have been the subject of confusion for decades. These terms are related, but each have completely different meanings. The first thought that comes to mind when the words prognosis and diagnosis are mentioned, is usually when discussing health. These words are commonly used by medical doctors to describe someone’s health or condition. However, they can also be...

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Managing Recurring Defects – Part 2: Trendspotting. How to Discover and Resolve Hidden Recurring Defects

Aircraft maintenance operations are vigilant about tracking recurring defects not only because aircraft carriers are required by the FAA to do so, but also because repeat defects cost valuable time and money. When faults persist despite repeat repair attempts the results can be serious: increased aircraft on ground incidents, loss of customer trust/brand reputation and failure to meet...

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Managing Recurring Defects – Part 1: Save Time and Reduce Errors

In the past couple of decades airline maintenance organizations and MRO shops have found many ways to increase efficiency and effectivity, but one area of aviation that still has capacity for optimization is the management of recurring defects. Repeat defects are costly in terms of maintenance or customer satisfaction and—in some rare instances—can lead to tragic accidents and loss of life....

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Troubleshooting — 9 Times Out of 10…

What do you think of this proposal for troubleshooting? “We’re going to analyze our maintenance records to map out which components were replaced for which fault messages – and then, in the future, whenever Message X appears, we will know that in the past 9 times out of 10 we replaced component Y, so we can go directly to replacing that component.” 

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Q&A with Phil D'Eon about New ChronicX® Custom Alerts with Improved Dictionary And Capabilities

The aviation business is about moving forward, saving time and improving – particularly on the technologies used in day-to-day operations.

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A Conversation with Phil D'Eon about the Value of Business Aviation

To raise awareness of the critical role business aviation plays in support of communities at large, No Plane No Gain is running a campaign called “Business Aviation Works.” Their goal is to share what industry and government leaders are saying about the positive impact of business aviation.

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All Content is Not Created Equal (Part 4)

It All Starts With Troubleshooting

This blog series has focused on the value and challenges of performing proper troubleshooting—in the call center and in the field. Equipment manufacturers recognize that their products will fail in unanticipated ways and that their customers expect a fast, accurate diagnosis and repair. Simply put, call center and service technicians don’t have access to...

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All Content is Not Created Equal (Part 3)

Regulated Industries, Separate Troubleshooting Procedures to Ensure Safety

In recent blogs I’ve described a problem faced by every manufacturer and operator of complex equipment, namely the challenge of understanding all the different ways that machines can fail (failure modes). Whether a machine stops functioning entirely or whether its’ performance falls below expectations, for the...

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All Content is Not Created Equal (Part 2)

Preserving Elusive Troubleshooting Data

Looking around my office I saw piles of reports, articles half-read, and documents half-written—all covered with various shades of sticky notes—and it was making me miserable . Looking at my laptop, I realized that it too had become unnecessarily cluttered, filled with multiple drafts of documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. Working in this...

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