Troubleshooting Solution That Shines at 2019 Field Service Palm Springs

fieldservice-editedField Service Palm Springs is an annual conference that has been running for 20 years and is known to field service executives as one of the must-attend conferences. This year, CaseBank Technologies, a division of ATP, participated at the Field Service Palm Springs conference exhibiting for the first time with partner CAD-IT.

We were excited to present our SpotLight® interactive troubleshooting solution that captures field experience, deploys best practices, and guides service technicians and call center personnel to quickly isolate the root cause of defects and performance issues. Our exhibit garnered the most attention from the heavy equipment and high technology industries. We had numerous meaningful interactions with relevant companies, many of whom visited our exhibit multiple times to discuss our solutions.

Most visitors to our exhibit expressed a common interest in improving their field service experience, with a priority to improving first-time-fix rates and identifying problem areas in their equipment. According to them the problem lies with the technician’s response to the equipment failure. When the equipment repair site is hundreds of miles away, the technician cannot identify which part(s) to bring with them, sometimes resulting in multiple trips to the repair site for a single repair. The SpotLight solution helps Field Service Boothprevent the problem by diagnosing the equipment prior to the initial visit, which identifies to the technician which part(s) to bring to the repair site. The SpotLight diagnostic and troubleshooting solution accelerates Mean-Time-to Repair (MTTR), reduces No-Fault-Found (NFF) parts and, repeat visits. SpotLight is easy to learn and maintain, significantly improves “first-time-fix” rates, and considerably reduces equipment downtime.

We had the opportunity to attend the keynote presentations that covered various interesting and relevant topics. The “Building an Augmented Reality App For Your Techs and Customers” keynote presentation by Carter Machinery stood out as it demonstrated how virtual reality and augmented reality can be used in the field service industry. Many companies have already embraced the VR and AR technologies and it is clear how the SpotLight solution can complement this technology.

Field Service Palm Springs was a remarkable conference that was well put together, and proved to be a rewarding experience. They offered unique content, networking opportunities with service and support executives and decision makers, and an excellent awards show.

Watch a quick overview of how the SpotLight Troubleshooting Solution works: 

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